Save a Seat

Leave your mark at Tyneside Cinema by Saving a Seat (Seat Dedications)

It’s more than just a chair.

A seat at Tyneside Cinema holds the memories of evenings spent with family and friends, seeing your favourite film for the first time on the big screen, and being a part of our film community here in the heart of Newcastle. It’s a special way to surprise someone special on your next night out at the Tyneside Cinema, honour the memory of a loved one, and a great way to show your support.

When you Save a Seat with a brass plaque engraved with a personalised inscription in the auditorium of your choice, your money will go directly towards preserving and maintaining our beautiful cinema for future generations of filmmakers and film lovers to enjoy.


How it works:

When you buy a seat dedication you’ll be able to select your favourite seat in your favourite screen. Maybe you love the timelessness of the Classic, or the intimacy of the Gallery. Perhaps you have fond memories of the Electra or the Roxy – whichever you choose, saving a seat will leave your mark and support Tyneside Cinema to continue running.

Once chosen, your seat will be marked with a hand-engraved brass plaque featuring a message of your choice.

For each seat you dedicate you’ll receive:

  • A personalised plaque attached to the seat bearing your message (be it a name, date or even your favourite film quote)
  • Two free cinema tickets
  • A Tyneside Cinema greeting card and a gift box if you’re surprising a loved one with a seat plaque


*Please note that the seat dedication is for the lifetime of the seat. We anticipate that this will be for a minimum of five years for the cinema seats. Dedicating a seat does not guarantee the recipient the right to sit in the seat at screenings.


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