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Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell star as rival Elvis impersonators involved in a casino heist that spirals into a violent trail of destruction, in this mad marvel blast of cult cinema excess.

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The Spirit of Elvis
Demian Lichtenstein

Rival Elvis impersonators club together in an ill-fated casino robbery in this outrageously star-studded, early noughties box office bomb – now rightfully appreciated as a cult slice of possibly-accidental brilliance.

Kurt Russell plays Michael Zane, a man on parole who joins a band of ex-cons disguised as the King of Rock and Roll. Kevin Costner plays Murphy, a hardened criminal also sporting the King’s sideburns. Together they attempt to rob a Las Vegas casino hosting an Elvis convention. As is often the case with robberies at Elvis conventions, nothing goes exactly to plan, leading to a gunfight and a high-stakes pursuit of the stolen money across the Nevada Desert.

Russell (Escape from New York, The Hateful Eight) and Costner (The Bodyguard, Waterworld) lead an ensemble cast of late-nineties/early-noughties heavyweights featuring Christian Slater, Courtney Cox, Ice-T, David Arquette and Jon Lovitz, who deliver performances that would make Nicolas Cage blush, and pulpy violence that makes Tarantino look subtle.

Taking in vintage American cars, unnecessarily huge explosions, lonesome motels and bloodbath shoot-outs, the result is a delightfully comic Elvis-themed thriller with (growing) cult appeal.

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Tue 19 Jul

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