1hr 53mins

Director Kazuyoshi Kumakiri, whose works are no stranger to international film festivals, casts the remarkably talented Rinko Kikuchi (47 Ronin) as a lost 40-something woman in contemporary Tokyo who comes to terms with her life - and her past - through an unexpected journey.

This film screens as part of The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2024.

The theme for this year's programme is: Unforgettable: Memories, Times and Reflections in Japanese Cinema

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Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2024
Kazuyoshi Kumakiri
Contains Foreign Language Subtitles

Yoko (Rinko Kikuchi), a 42-year-old freelancer, is single and living a reclusive life in Tokyo with no money and no prospects.

She holds a long-standing grudge against her estranged father of 20 years.

One day, she receives news of her father’s passing. Reluctantly, Yoko joins her cousin Shigeru (Pistol Takehara) and his family on a journey to Hirosaki, her hometown, to attend her father’s funeral.

However, on the way, Yoko is inadvertently left stranded.

With the funeral scheduled for noon the next day, she rushes to reach it by hitchhiking…

Encountering various people with different backgrounds and stories and, above all, accompanied by her father’s memory, Yoko embarks on an emotional journey to reunite with her own past.

Will she be able to make it to her father’s funeral and indeed see him one last time?