1hr 37mins

A beautiful, monochromatic documentary journeying through the shared memory of India, A Night of Knowing Nothing posits cinema as a meditative, poetic means to enact political change.

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Payal Kapadia
Contains Foreign Language Subtitles

Framed through the prism of fictionalised letters between a film student and her lover, the film illuminates the turbulent historical context of India under nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as well as paying tribute to love beyond the boundaries of caste, and the vital tool of cinema in expressing creativity and championing political engagement.

Using a stunning mixed media approach, utilising illustrations, film archive and CCTV footage, A Night of Knowing Nothing conjures a dream-like state in grappling with the enigma of memory and the need for artists’ expression in forming national identity.

This spellbinding first feature from Film and Television Institute of India alumna Payal Kapadia garnered the Best Documentary accolade at Cannes in 2021; a captivating, artful debut which creates a hypnotic state within its layered surveying of the complexities of modern India…


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