1hr 37mins

Dazzling in a stunning 4K restoration, Martin Scorsese's breathlessly freewheeling 1985 comedy thriller follows Griffin Dunne's Paul Hackett, whose quiet life is upended on an exasperating night of spiralling misfortunes.

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Martin Scorsese
Strong sex references, violence

Paul Hackett’s (Griffin Dunne) terrible night happens in the SoHo area of downtown Manhattan when he goes to keep a date with Marcy (Rosanna Arquette).

Nothing in his humdrum life as a word processor has prepared him for his surreal encounters with Marcy; her far-out artist roommate Kiki (Linda Fiorentino); cocktail waitress Julie (Teri Garr); ice cream vendor Gail (Catherine O’Hara); and June (Verna Bloom), who lives in the basement of a nightclub.

Now, Paul longs only for the safety of his upper-East Side apartment… but will he ever make it home?

One of the most tonally distinct – and criminally underrated – films in Martin Scorsese’s illustrious career, this dizzyingly paranoid, dreamlike comedy-inflected thriller returns to the big screen in a stunning new 4K restoration – approved by Scorsese’s longtime collaborator and editor extraordinaire Thelma Schoonmaker.