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Experience a whole new world with Disney's magical 1992 classic animation, as the young Aladdin discovers a wish-granting Genie (an iconic voice performance from Robin Williams) and falls in love with Princess Jasmine.

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Summer of Cinema
Ron Clements & John Musker
Contains mild threat

Released during the golden era of modern Disney animation, Aladdin follows the titular young vagabond (voiced by Scott Weinger), struggling to make ends meet in Agrabah, whose fortunes change upon meeting finding a magical lamp.

Unleashing a charismatic genie of many voices, played with gleeful enthusiasm by the late, great Robin Williams, Aladdin wishes to become Prince Ali Ababwa, in the hopes of attracting the attention of Princess Jasmine (Linda Larkin) – but the nefarious Jafar (Jonathan Freeman) stands in his way.

A now-classic Disney musical, Aladdin features a host of memorable hits, including A Whole New World, Arabian Nights and Friend Like Me, offering a nostalgic, altogether enchanting magic carpet ride of a cinema experience.

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