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Ingeniously balancing the high-wire act between uproarious comedy and queasy social anxiety horror, All My Friends Hate Me is a gleefully unpredictable, playfully anarchic, paranoia-inducing thrill.

The preview screening on Thu 2 Jun will include an in-person Q+A with writer & actor Tom Stourton and writer Tom Palmer.

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Andrew Gaynord

A razor-sharp and painfully well-observed script propels this comedy-horror into the entertaining territory of a future cult classic. Excruciating self-awareness, upper-class satire and millennial neurosis all descend into a hilariously hellish display of privilege in crisis.

Tom Stourton (from TV’s Siblings, Horrible Histories and, significantly, the viral Youtube hit, High Renaissance Man) plays Pete, in his early thirties and fresh from volunteering at a refugee camp – a jolly of gestural politics for his moneyed liberalism – is readying for a few crazy days of birthday celebrations which will reunite him with his pathologically posh pals from college.

As his own anxiety and paranoia grow, he confronts the dawning realisation that his memories of college are painfully out of step with those around him and, after the arrival of a new member in the group, Pete strongly suspects that he is being replaced.

This exquisitely awkward British comedy-horror is a fiercely witty parody of public schoolboy entitlement, social anxiety and generational disillusionment that is as uncomfortably hilarious as it is genuinely unsettling.


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Thu 2 Jun

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