Our newsreel screenings include monthly changing archive footage in our beautiful Classic auditorium

January 1947 – Britain in the grip of ice and snow

The newsreels made merry while the snow felll, with footage of polar bears feeling at home in a zoo – but there was worse on the way. The country was entering a long blast of severe cold, disruptive blizzards and drastic flooding that stretched into March and April.

A touch of the Arctic in Bedfordshire

Thick snow covers Britain and the cameras drop into Whipsnade Zoo to see how the polar bears are getting on.

England shapes up to the USA in ice hockey

After a valiant 6-6 draw in the First Test against the United States, England were “overhauled in speed and stickwork” in this Second Test at the Empire Pool, Wembley.
But they showed pluck and skill in a fast-moving game that also tested the newsreel camermen’s ability to keep up with the action.

British cinema chiefs enjoy a celebratory dinner

Film-makers, distributors and cinema-owners celebrate the conclusion of a new deal with technicians over pay and conditions in the British cinema industry. Guest speaker Herbert Morrison, the Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the House of Commons, proposes a toast to good industrial relations.

Up and away – newsreel cars off to cover a royal visit

The shooting-brakes are hoisted aboard a cargo ship to sail to South Africa to cover the visit of King George VI. It has an optimistic commentary, but a few days later the planned carriage procession to Victoria Station, for the royal family to start their journey, had to be replaced by cars – because of heavy snow!

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