1hr 56mins

A cerebral, emotionally resonant modern science-fiction masterpiece from Denis Villenueve, Arrival follows the world-changing journey of linguistics expert Louise Banks (Amy Banks), who is drafted in to assist with extra-terrestrial first contact.


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Denis Villeneuve Season
Denis Villeneuve
Infrequent strong language
English, Mandarin, Russian

The world is forever changed, as 12 extra-terrestrial vessels appear in the sky in locations across the Earth.

Renowned translations expert Louise Banks (Amy Adams) is recruited by the military, under the stewardship of Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker), to try and decipher their language and uncover their motives for visitation.

With the close assistance of physicist Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner), in tandem with scientific bodies across the globe, Louise embarks on a perspective-redefining journey of first contact with the ‘heptapods’.

Amassing an otherworldly eight nominations at the Academy Awards – including Best Picture and Best Director for the maestro, Denis Villeneuve – this cerebral reimagining of first contact is a true modern sci-fi classic; an ingenious expansion of Ted Chiang’s novella ‘Story of Your Life’, which is as deeply human as it is mind-expandingly alien.

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