Advisory 15
2hrs 12mins

One of the great portrait of Black life in Britain, Babylon is both a vital document of Soundsystem culture in South London, and an account of struggle against a racist society.

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The White Card
Franco Rosso
Advisory 15
Contains strong language, moderate violence and racism theme

An evocative portrait of Black life and racial tension in 1980’s Britain, Babylon portrays the vibrancy of South London’s Soundsystem culture via the story of Blue (played by Brinsley Forde, best known as the lead singer of the British reggae band Aswad), a young man working at a garage whilst pursuing his music ambitions.

Maintaining his own Soundsystem and making waves in the local scene, he must contend with the National Front, racist policing, and a xenophobic boss, whilst finding moments of joy and connection through his art. Featuring one of the great film soundtracks and famous for its’ evocative realism, Babylon is a landmark film.

This screening is preceded by a rare showing of director Franco Rosso’s short film interviewing members of the Mangrove Nine (1973), directed by Franco Rosso and produced by John La Rose and Franco Rosso, courtesy of the Estates of Franco Rosso and John La Rose.


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