1hr 20mins

A warm-hearted and compassionate comedy that, through utilizing the perspective of a child's journey to buy a bag of rice, also mobilises a subtle insight into Iranian society that could evade the censors.

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Unfortunately no Audio Description track is available for this feature.
Iranian Journeys
Mohammad-Ali Talebi
Infrequent very mild bad language
Contains Foreign Language Subtitles

A young girl from a large family in Tehran convinces her mother to let her help their elderly neighbour with groceries, embarking on what becomes a charming adventure through busy streets with a series of playful encounters.

The first of Mohammad-Ali Talebi’s trilogy focussing on children (followed by Willow and Wind and You are Free) gifts cinema with one of the most unaffected and joyous child performances (Jairan Abadzade) of all time, at times recalling the magic of Vittorio De Sica’s Bicycle Thieves (1948).

“A gentle take on Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Talebi’s disarming film starts as an odd-couple adventure, then opens out into something profound and unforgettable.” – Mark Cousins

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Tue 30 Aug
Sun 4 Sep

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