1hr 34mins

A spirited tribute to Jacques Cousteau from National Geographic and accalaimed director Liz Garbus (What Happened Miss Simone), Becoming Cousteau is a stirring testament to his extraordinary, multi-faceted life as an adventurer, pioneer, conservationist and filmmaker.

Liz Garbus

Revealing a candid insight into the life behind his iconic status, utilising astonishing, newly-restored archival footage, this fascinating documentary delves deep – not only into the depths of the sea, but balanced with a study of the emotional toll of his trailblazing voyages and exploration for his family left behind.

An innovator in so many disciplines, including that of film, this charts his astounding working life, and his prescient, vital ephiphany of using his platform to protect the planet.

Narrated by Vincent Cassel, and co-produced by Cousteau’s children, this cinematic dedication to an iconic figure (and inspiration for Wes Anderson’s beloved Steve Zissou) is a loving character study and a fittingly layered history of such a multi-talented man, which also acts as a powerful call to arms in the fight for conservation of the environment.

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