1hr 40mins

Nicole Kidman captivates in Jonathan Glazer's gripping, masterfully disquieting 2004 psychological drama, as a bereaved woman is met by a boy claiming to be her reincarnated husband.


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Jonathan Glazer
Contains moderate sex and sex references.

10 years after the loss of her beloved husband Sean, New Yorker Anna (Nicole Kidman) is now happily settled with new partner Joseph (Danny Huston).

But their engagement heralds the arrival of a mysterious, disturbing new figure in their life – a 10 year old boy (Cameron Bright) who claims to be the reincarnated Sean.

Pleading with Anna not to marry Joseph, the boy is unwavering in determination to prove he is her late husband reborn.

A spiralling, emotionally provocative thriller of the highest order, Birth is an unnervingly confronting examination of love which expertly revels in keeping the viewer guessing – is the boy proof of a miracle or rather a heartbreaking imposter?

Nicole Kidman, meanwhile, proves she is one of the greats of modern cinema with her nuanced portrayal of a woman who has her world turned upside down in the most sensational of circumstances.