1hr 35mins

A tense, frenetic cinematic distillation of the high-stakes world of life in the fine-dining kitchen, Stephen Graham is remarkable in this one-shot wonder from director Philip Barantini.

Phillip Barantini

Graham stars as head chef Andy Jones, who leads service at an acclaimed London restaurant.

As the night progresses, so does the intensity of the film, as he has to tackle the obstacles of a health and safety inspection, a new starter in the kitchen, customer demands and the looming presence of a food critic, joined by his former mentor and celebrity chef Alaistair Skye (a formidable Jason Flemyng).

Thrillingly captured in one continuous take, Boiling Point evokes the nerve-shredding intensity of Uncut Gems, with director Philip Barantini confidently expanding on his BIFA-nominated short.

Deftly approaching its subject matter on both a professional and a personal level makes this a riveting, deeply involving experience, whose claustrophobic, fly-on-the-wall, one-location perspective will leave audiences resoundingly breathless.

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Thu 27 Jan

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