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An affectionately bonkers cult horror-comedy from Don Coscarelli, Bubba Ho-Tep follows two Texan retirement home residents claiming to be Elvis and John F. Kennedy, in their battle against the undead.

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The Spirit of Elvis
Don Coscarelli
Contains strong sex references and language and moderate horror

Cult horror icon Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, Army of Darkness) teams up with legendary director Don Coscarelli (Phantasm, The Beastmaster, John Dies at the End), in this affectionately bonkers horror-comedy in which an Ancient Egyptian mummy attacks a retirement home, only to come up against two twentieth-century American icons (well, maybe).

At a sleepy retirement community in Texas, the wider population are unaware that they are protected against the wrath of an Egyptian mummy by a man claiming to be Elvis (Bruce Campbell) and a man who – despite being African American – claims to be John F. Kennedy (Ossie Davis, Do the Right Thing, BAADASSSSS!). An ageing and bickering duo, whether they are who they say they are is a matter for speculation. But they certainly have one last fight on their hands…

A typically off-kilter delight from one of American genre cinema’s most unique auteurs, Bubba Ho-Tep is both a rollicking horror treat and sweet-natured story of ageing and friendship. Not many (if any) films can balance Ancient Egyptian horror, buddy-movie shenanigans, a wry contemplation of mortality, gross-out humour, and Elvis within the parameters of a whacky cult classic… Step forward, Bubba Ho-Tep!

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Sat 23 Jul

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