1hr 28mins

A character known only, and ominously, as Bull (played by Neil Maskell) returns home after a ten-year absence and immediately embarks on a violent trail of personal vengeance.

Paul Andrew Williams

Set up like a tightly paced crime thriller, the film soon burrows into the territory of horror – not only through its sheer atmospheric weight and tension but also an unabashed willingness to lead Bull’s vengeance into scenes of wince-inducing gore.

Neil Maskell (Kill List, TV series Utopia) can simmer with volatility and explode, when needed, in psychotic rage, consequently sharing a very particular gene of harrowing British grit with the likes of Paddy Considine in Dead Man’s Shoes (2004) and Stephen Graham in This is England (2006).

Through Maskell’s unhinged conviction, a great turn from David Hayward, and uncompromising direction twinned with an element of the unexpected, Bull is a dark and forceful rush of genre that doesn’t hold back.

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