1hr 24mins

Set in 1985 at the height of the “video nasty” era, this sophisticated and daring debut feature from Prano Bailey-Bond tells the story of Enid (Niamh Algar), a film censor haunted by the loss of her sister, Nina, whose disappearance when they were children remains unsolved.

Prano Bailey-Bond

When sleazy film producer, Doug, asks Enid to review a horror film whose victim bears uncanny resemblence to Nina, finding out what happened all those years ago becomes not only her mission, but an obsession.

Described by Leo Barraclough as “a twisted, bloody love letter to the low-budget horror films of the 1980s,” Censor explores with refreshing eloquence the complicated relationship between fictional and real-life trauma, intelligently blurring the boundary between the two.

Highly praised after premiering at Sundance in January, this psychological rollercoaster promises to frighten and impress in equal measure.


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