1hr 42mins

Louise Brealey (Sherlock) is sensational in this irresistible British musical comedy from director Janis Pugh, as chicken factory worker and caregiver Helen's mundane existence is turned upside down with the return of an old flame.

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Janis Pugh
Very strong language, drug misuse, domestic abuse

Helen lives with her ex-husband, his 20-year-old girlfriend, their new baby – and his dying mother Gwen. Her life is a grind, and like all the other women she toils with at the local chicken factory, is spent in service of the clock.

Her mundane world takes a surprising turn, however, with the reappearance of Joanne, her teenage crush. Joanne, in fact, always felt the same way, and so the two begin a much-delayed flirting game, and start to fall in love. Helen’s zest for life returns, but Joanne is haunted by her the darker parts of her past in their claustrophobic home town.

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