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Anticipating the knotty social commentary of The Wire by almost a decade, Spike Lee’s masterful thriller is a complex tale of poverty, crime and racism, following a young drug dealer who becomes embroiled in a plot of double-cross and murder.

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Black Genre Cinema
Spike Lee
Contains strong language and violence

Strike (Mekhi Phifer in his first major role) is a young drug dealer plying his trade in Brooklyn, New York.

Working for local kingpin Rodney Little (Delroy Lindo), Strike’s life becomes complicated when his boss asks him to kill another local dealer, setting off a chain of events that will embroil the neighbourhood in a game of divided loyalties and double-cross.

Hounded by two vicious New York detectives (Harvey Keitel and John Turturro), Strike is soon in a race against time to save his brother from a murder charge before Little and his crew catch up with him.

Full of great performances augmented by memorable turns from the likes of Keith David, Regina Taylor and Isaiah Washington, Clockers expertly adapts the landmark novel by American crime writer Richard Price.

Quietly revolutionary in 1995, the result is a complex exploration of poverty, crime and racism that predated The Wire by almost a decade. It’s one of Spike Lee’s under-appreciated best.

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