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We are not alone... Steven Spielberg's iconic blockbuster sci-fi spectacular presents an awe-inspiring vision of first contact, as Richard Dreyfuss' Roy finds his small-town life in Indiana changed forever thanks to an otherworldly arrival.

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Summer of Cinema
Steven Spielberg
mild bad language, scary scenes

French scientist, Claude Lacombe (legendary auteur François Truffaut), investigates a mystery in the desert while in a nearby town a young boy awakes to find his toys operating of their own accord; large-scale power outages spread mayhem and dishevelled everyman, Roy (Richard Dreyfuss, Jaws), sees an unidentified flying object that leaves him mesmerised, sparking a trail of obsession that leads beyond the limits of this world.

Spielberg delivers an influential sci-fi classic that balances wonder with trepidation in a film that manages to combine the domestic reality of a family under pressure with the inter-galactic scale of questioning our place in the universe.

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Sat 27 Aug
Thu 1 Sep

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