1hr 22mins

A menacing slice of digital horror from the director of Host, Dashcam combines darkly comedic satire, anxieties of the online and an an increasingly visceral spiral of scares and shocks.

Dashcam contains sequences with handheld cameras, vibrating images and rotating images which might affect customers who are susceptible to visually induced motion sickness.

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Rob Savage
Strong language

Following the success of Host (2020), a lockdown film that explored the paranormal possibilities of Zoom as a doomed digital séance, director Rob Savage returns with another computer-screen horror that channels the anxieties of our Covid era.

Starring Annie Hardy (lead singer of the American band, Giant Drag) as a pandemic-denying conspiracy theorist from America, the film follows her livestreaming a trip to the UK; what ensues is a menacing and darkly hilarious frenzy of found footage, swinging between iPhones and the titutular ‘dashcam’.

Lurching from crisis to crisis (not least thanks to the supernatural presence of an unwanted passenger), while spouting a Trump-inflected brand of reactionary politics, Hardy’s fictionalised version of herself (further invoking themes of online personas, vapid posturing and corrosive vanity) is the film’s central force of abrasive comedy and satire.

Whereas Host focussed on the haunted digital space of lockdown communication and the fears of presence and absence through a time of isolation, Dashcam replaces the paranoia of staying inside with the brash terror of what is waiting on the outside. Join the live-streamed road trip from hell, we’ll see you in the comments…

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