1hr 50mins

The late, great Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie lead Nicolas Roeg's ethereally evocative horror classic, following the waking nightmare of a couple in Venice, haunted by the tragic death of their young daughter.

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Dream Logic
Nicolas Roeg
Contains strong sex, violence and injury detail
English, Italian
Contains Foreign Language Subtitles

The life of couple John and Lauren Baxter (Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie) falls apart upon losing their young daughter in a devastating tragedy at their family home.

Seeking to make a new start, the duo move to Venice, focusing their attention on renovating an old church.

But the haunting tragedy of the past is inescapable, as a mysterious pair of elderly sisters claim to be in contact with their daughter through psychic connection, whilst a ghostly apparition of a figure in the same red raincoat as the late Christine stalks the evocatively dreamlike canals.

Topping Time Out’s poll as the greatest British film of all-time, legendary auteur Nicolas Roeg’s masterful adaptation of the short story by Daphne du Maurier offers a nightmarish rumination on the all-consuming nature of grief, personified stalking the otherworldly surroundings of Venice.