1hr 31mins

In this taut, enigmatic and psychologically arresting 2013 thriller from visionary filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, the life of a college professor (Jake Gyllenhaal) becomes dangerously intertwined with that of his uncanny doppelganger.


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Denis Villeneuve Season
Denis Villeneuve
Strong sex, strong language

Toronto. Unassuming college professor Adam (Jake Gyllenhaal) spots his unnervingly identical doppelganger Anthony Saint Claire as a background actor while watching a DVD rental.

His investigation of the impossible double soon spirals into obsession, however, as the lines become dizzyingly blurred between the lives of Adam and Anthony…

A riveting, mesmerisingly surrealist puzzle box of a film, Denis Villeneuve’s arachnid-inflected mystery thriller is an inspired cinematic reimagining of José Saramago’s 2002 novel of the same name.

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