4hrs 14mins

A double helping of Nicolas Cage cult excess. John Travolta IS Nicolas Cage in John Woo's identity theft genre classic Face/Off, while, in Con Air, Cage finds himself aboard a hijacked plane full of deadly criminals.

Running Order

17:25: Ticketed start time

17:45: Start feature - Face/Off

20:04: End feature. 30-minute interval.

20:34: Start feature - Con Air

22:29: End event

Unfortunately no Audio Description track is available for this feature.
Summer of Cinema
John Woo / Simon West
Contains strong violence

In Face/Off, John Travolta stars as FBI Agent Sean Archer, who lives every day in pursuit of criminal mastermind Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage). In order to stop his next deadly scheme, Archer undergoes surgery to become Troy. This stylish 1997 John Woo helmed actioner is an out-and-out genre blast.

In Con Air, Cage plays incarcerated Army officer Cameron Poe, one of many prisoners aboard the prison transfer plane ‘Con Air’. When the plane is hijacked, masterminded by John Malkovich as Cyrus ‘The Virus’ Grissom, Cage must fight to survive and thrwart the revolt.

The only thing better than an action-packed, go-for-broke 90s Nicolas Cage romp is two – so enjoy these two legendary cult classic titles in their full glory, on the big screen.

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