1hr 26mins

In this delicately heartfelt documentary by artist and filmmaker Sarah Beddington, a woman born into a Palestinian refugee camp finds solace in the migratory patterns of birds; both yearning for home.

Unfortunately no Audio Description track is available for this feature.
Sarah Beddington
Brief very mild threat, language
English & Arabic
Contains Foreign Language Subtitles

After a chance encounter in Beirut, Beddington began a friendship with Fadia Loubani who – denied access to historic Palestine – challenges her to visit an ancient mulberry tree that, standing beside her grandfather’s house, would have grown throughout her family’s existence, bearing witness to their enforced exile in 1948.

An unlikely friendship exploring an unlikely connection (ornithology and political borders) leads this sensitive film into a deeply moving account of what constitutes ‘freedom of movement’.

More than anything however, the film is a testament to the remarkable strength of Fadia and how, through an affinity with the natural world, she draws such peace and wisdom from the midst of such violent history.

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