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Following the hypnotic cross-currents of the mythic and spiritual in everyday life, this astounding film drifts through the Ethiopian city of Harar to explore the mystic rituals surrounding the khat plant, a euphoric stimulant that connects ancient traditions and addiction to the contemporary economics of a lucrative export. /p>

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Jessica Beshir
Drug references
Contains Foreign Language Subtitles

Mexican-Ethiopian filmmaker, Jessica Beshir, has crafted a film that rests between documentary and dream, using aspects of her own biography (Beshir was forced to leave her hometown of Harar as a result of political turmoil) to more attentively guide her filmmaking into various communities across the city, all connected by Khat.

Filmed with expressive sensitivity in monochrome, the hauntingly composed imagery begin to approach a trance-like meditation; the incidental and intimate become intoxicated vessels through which spirituality is encountered.

Neither a film about drug culture or a nostalgic ode to her hometown, Faya Dayi instead provides the rare insight of a documentary that transcends its form, conjuring a deeply felt work of investigation as ambient poetry.

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