1hr 34mins

This vital activism documentary follow-up to the galvanising, Oscar-nominated Food, Inc. explores how corporations continue to dangerously control the food we consume - and propose sustainable alternatives for a brighter, more ecological and health-conscious future.

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Robert Kenner, Melissa Robledo
Infrequent strong language, references to discrimination

This extraordinary documentary introduces innovative farmers, food producers, workers’ rights activists and legislators fighting to create a more sustainable future. Since the first film, multinational corporations have tightened their stronghold on the U.S. government. The system at large has robbed workers of a fair living wage, and profit-focused corporations are proliferating a chemically formulated international health crisis by focusing on growing the market for ultra-processed foods. The film centres around innovative farmers, future-thinking food producers, workers’ rights activists and prominent legislators such as U.S Senators Cory Booker and Jon Tester, who are facing these companies head-on to inspire change and build a healthier, more sustainable future.

The groundbreaking Oscar and Emmy-nominated documentary Food, Inc. ignited a cultural conversation about the multinational corporations that control our food system at enormous cost to our planet, workforce and health. In the well-timed sequel, Food, Inc. 2, comes ‘back for seconds’ to reveal how corporate consolidation has gone unchecked by our government, leaving us with a highly efficient yet shockingly vulnerable food system dedicated only towards increasing profits.