1hr 27mins

Andrea Luka Zimmerman

Former Tyneside Cinema artist in residence Andrea Luke Zimmerman (Civil Rites, Erase & Forget, Estate: A Reverie) returns with her most complex and enriching film to date. Collaborating with Adrian Jackson (the founder of Cardboard Citizens, the theatre company that has been producing plays for and with homeless people for some 25 years), Here for Life sees ten Londoners, each of whom has been leading a life of economic and social marginalisation, come together in a community garden in Shoreditch to rehearse a play. Their contrasting personalities adds to the potency of the temporary community that they create together, with the film constantly moving between documentary and fiction, and between confession and performance.

Taking these ‘characters’, both real and imagined, onto the streets of London leads to some of the most beautifully evocative film moments of the year, offering a commentary on community, the roles society forces people to perform, the creep of gentrification, and what we think of others living at what some might see as the outskirts of society.

The screening of Here for Life on 18 January will be followed by a discussion with filmmaker Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Rosie Lewis (The Angelou Centre), Kris McKie (Founder of the Newcastle Homeless Histories Project), and others to be announced.


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