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In Wim Wender's visionary, magical classic, angels drift through a divided Berlin like wistful onlookers of human life.

Wings of Desire will be preceded by a live-streamed Q&A with Wim Wenders from Curzon Mayfair. This special 90-minute talk through his career screens as part of Curzon's retrospective Kino Dreams: The Reveries of Wim Wenders.

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Wim Wenders Retrospective
Wim Wenders
Contains one use of strong language
German & English
Contains Foreign Language Subtitles

In the divided city of Berlin, angels walk through the streets unnoticed like concerned guardians surveying the troubled lives of human mortality.

With a luminously melancholy black and white that blooms into colour, this masterful classic from Wim Wenders (Paris, Texas, Pina, The Salt of the Earth) is a fantasy romance that braids magical realism into a city symphony for the Berlin Wall era.

Featuring a filmed concert of Nick Cave and a cameo from Peter Falke (Columbo), it stands as an influential milestone in arthouse cinema.

Written in collaboration with the novelist Peter Handke (a Nobel Prize-winning and controversial figure of Austrian literature), Wenders created a visionary work that combines elegiac grace with sincere wonder.

We join the weary angel, Damien, played by Bruno Ganz (Downfall, The House that Jack Built), as he falls in love with a trapeze artist and longs to leave his ethereal existence for the more tangibly lived experiences of mortality.

Wings of Desire conjures a uniquely imagined tale of yearning and transcendence in the ruins of history; a space and time in which religious allegory drifts through the concrete rubble of dereliction like a vagrant dream.

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