2hrs 52mins

A Hollywood actress Nikki Grace (Laura Dern) becomes entangled in her role, as she begins to take on traits of the character she is playing.

David Lynch

If we discount the latest series of Twin Peaks, this 2006 masterpiece is David Lynch’s final film (…to date…), his first in digital and arguably his most ambitiously bizarre; a surreal cinematic odyssey that will please both Twin Peaks fanatics and lovers of the strange and unpredictable.

Lynch regulars Laura Dern, Justin Theroux and Harry Dean Stanton are joined by Jeremy Irons, Terry Crews and William H. Macy, among others.

As Nikki’s sanity disintegrates, so too does the line between reality and fiction: what is filmed and what is lived, and who is watching? Inland Empire is a sprawling, fragmented and nightmarish tour-de-force, sitting perfectly within Lynch’s wider cinematic oeuvre, tunnelling deep into the unconscious of American film.

‘How boring the cinema would be without David Lynch’, – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.


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