1hr 27mins

This unmissable, affectingly personal documentary from director Ella Glendining is a vital rallying cry against ableism in society, as she embarks on a journey to find others who share her rare disability.

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Ella Glendining
Disablism, infrequent strong language

Drawing from her own family archive of home videos, Ella Glendining’s extraordinary documentary journeys from her formative years in the village of Elsing to a globe-spanning canvas.

Born without hip joints, and short thigh bones, Ella sets out on a personal quest to meet other people who share her disability and learn about their experiences in a systemically ableist world.

A multi-award winning, galvanising documentary of incredible power, Is There Anybody Out There? is a life-affirming celebration of disability and the wonderful diversity of humanity, and a vital condemnation of pervasive, prevailing ableism in the modern world.

“Quite simply one of the best first-person documentaries about disability ever” – The Curb