3hrs 13mins

A double bill of 80s John Carpenter classics; as Kurt Russell's Jack Burton faces an ancient sorcerer in San Francisco's Chinatown; and Roddy Piper's Nada, with the aid of a nifty pair of sunglasses, discovers that aliens are ruling us all.

Double Bill Running Order

20:45 Ticketed Start Time

21:05: Begin feature - They Live

22:38: End feature. 15-minute Interval.

22:53: Begin feature - Big Trouble in Little China

00:32: Event End

Unfortunately no Audio Description track is available for this feature.
Summer of Cinema
John Carpenter
Strong violence, language/Contains strong violence

They Live. We Sleep. John Carpenter’s 1988 satirical sci-fi cult favourite stars wrestler Roddy Piper as drifter ‘Nada’, who uncovers a global alien conspiracy with a pair of truth-revealing sunglasses.


In the deliriously entertaining, martial arts fantasy epic Big Trouble in Little China, Carpenter regular Kurt Russell stars as the effortlessly cool Jack Burton, who faces off against the deadly sorcery of David Lo Pan (James Hong, Everything Everywhere All at Once).


This is an unmissable chance to experience nostalgic eighties John Carpenter classics on the big screen, with Carpenter’s timeless, evocative music underscoring two genre favourites. We’re here to chew bubble-gum and watch films, and we’re all out of bubble-gum.

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