1hr 30mins

This Projections season is one of discoveries, with the launch of six new films commissioned for the cinema alongside a series of events which look to the archives to reappraise marginalised or unknown histories.


The enigmatic work of Swiss artist Klaus Lutz (1940-2009) lies somewhere between the meditations of a recluse and the fantasies of a utopian visionary. Reminiscent of Georges Méliès, Chaplin, and with overtones of both the Russian avant-garde and the Bauhaus, his films are mysterious mental landscapes in which a curious solitary figure – the artist himself – flies over imaginary cities and through interstellar space, interacting with signs and drawings, props and structures.

Shot almost entirely in Lutz’s tiny East Village apartment in the 1990s and 2000s, the films – which harness performance, animation and intricate multiple exposure on 16mm film – speak to the earliest origins of cinema, while folding in the legacy of twentieth-century performance work. For this special event we present both single-screen films and Lutz’s unique double-projections onto both screen and a large white balloon, creating convex, circular images.

Despite having shown worldwide, including solo shows in Zurich, New York and elsewhere, Lutz’s work has never before screened in the UK. Curated and presented by Lutz’s friend and peer, artist Hannes Schüpbach.

Supported by the Swiss Cultural Fund UK. This programme is part of a Projections tour and will also screen at BFI Southbank and Pavilion, Leeds.


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