1hr 38mins

Zero Hour is a series of screenings, discussions and public forums exploring the reality and potential future of work in Newcastle, the UK and beyond.

very strong language

Ken Loach

Join us for a screening of Ken Loach’s Ladybird Ladybird, followed by a live discussion around how the gig economy changing relates to the concept of female labour, with Professor Al James (Professor of Economic Geography, Newcastle University) and Amy Mitchell (Flexit), moderated by Rosie Lewis (The Angelou Centre)

Led by an astonishing central performance from comedian-turned-actor  Chrissy Rock, Ladybird Ladybird is, like Ken Loach’s earlier film Cathy Come Home, a searing indictment of the hardships and discrimination often faced by women in British society.

Maggie is a single mother of four seeking to escape the cycle of violence and abuse that has led her to the point of despair, a situation that gets worse when a terrible mistake leads to her having her children taken from her by social services. Meeting Jorge, a kind, political refugee from Paraguay, seems to offer the chance of a different, more stable life, is she can deal with social services and her own self-destructive patterns of behaviour.

Perhaps less well known than some of Ken Loach’s other films, this is nevertheless one of his very best, a deeply felt, hard hitting work of class-conscious feminism from one of Britain’s great filmmakers, and an unfortunately rare exploration of the struggle faced specifically by women on the economic margins of Britain.

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