1hr 47mins

On a remote farm in Iceland a couple decide to bring up a creature that, neither child nor lamb, begins to attract unnerving forces and gradually comes to expose our troubled – and troubling – relationship with nature.

Hard of Hearing available.

Audio Description available. Please ask at Box Office for more information.

Valdimar Jóhannsson

Is it a deadpan black comedy or a bleak horror? Or, as director, Valdimar Johannson, maintains, is this an arthouse film that draws closer to a visual poem than to genre? Either way, the less you know the better, in this uniquely disquieting creation.

With the melancholy visionary of Hungarian cinema, Béla Tarr, as an executive producer, and Noomi Rapace (also producing) as the mother caught between a wilderness beyond her control and a tenderness that seeks to nurture, this film will be a dark and bewildering tale of tonal disorientation.

A point of comparison might be the 2018 Swedish film, Border, which also languished in a weird ambiguity between the shocking and serene…a territory where horror breathes with unsettling poetry.

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