1hr 30mins

This Projections season is one of discoveries, with the launch of six new films commissioned for the cinema alongside a series of events which look to the archives to reappraise marginalised or unknown histories.


A rare screening of one of Georgian master Sergei Parajanov’s most expressive feature films, selected and introduced by artist Sophio Medoidze.

‘The incomparable Sergei Parajanov’s first film following a 15-year enforced silence, codirected with Dodo Abashidze, is based on a Caucasus Mountains legend that tells of the repeated efforts of the Georgian people to construct a fortress against invaders. The fortress continues to collapse until a fortune-teller recalls a prophecy that a handsome young man must be walled inside alive in order for the building to stand. The story, at once simple and marvellous, unfolds in a circular rather than linear manner, and its mythic possibilities are realised most wondrously in the film’s visuals.’ —MoMA, New York

Part of Artists in the Cinema, for which Sophio made ‘Xitana’ in 2019 (also showing in ‘Jackals and Drones’ at LUX, London, from 15 Jan – 22 Feb)


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