1hr 44mins

In this refreshingly wry and extremely timely comedy-drama from British director Ben Sharrock, we're invited to consider the migrant crisis from a new perspective - one in which the countless challenges that asylum seekers face are placed side by side with the many absurdities of misplacement.

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Ben Sharrock

There’s nothing funny about people being forced to flee their homes and countries because of war, famine, or persecution. However, (and as our long-standing love of black comedy evidences), humour is sometimes the best way to explore serious issues.

Whilst waiting for their asylum claims to be reviewed, Omar (Amir El-Masry) – a young musician from Syria – and several other new arrivals to Britian, attempt to integrate into a small community on a remote Scottish island, attending painfully useless cultural awareness classes and trying to make friends with the locals.

Inspired by the personal stories of those Sharrock met and made friends with whilst working in refugee camps in Algeria and Syria, Limbo combines all the insightful observations you’d expect to find in a story focused on the migrant crisis with a healthy dose of deadpan humour, highlighting the absurdity of Britain’s long-winded and demoralising asylum policies and processes.


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