1hr 37mins

Joel Schumacher's cult classic combines leather, violence and camp sex appeal to make a truly entertaining comedy horror. Returning to the big screen in a stunning 4K restoration - this is one you won't want to miss.

Joel Schumacher

A 1980s horror, this iconic film is often credited with bringing a youthful appeal to the vampire genre – way before Twilight came on the scene!

When Lucy and her teenage sons, Michael and Sam, move to a small town in Northern California; Sam makes friends with a pair of kindred spirits and geeky comic-book nerds. Michael however, falls in with a local gang…who turn out to be a vicious group of vampires responsible for a number of missing people in the fictional town of Santa Clara.

Sam and his new friends must save Michael before he is irreversibly sucked into the mysterious and dangerous world of bikers, vampires and vampire hunters.

“The Lost Boys remains a supremely watchable example of something the ’80s did right.” Empire



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