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George Miller and Mel Gibson introduced the world to the 1979 apocalyptic debut of what would become one of cinema’s most beloved franchises, Mad Max.

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Summer of Cinema
George Miller
strong threat, violence, injury detail

Australia has become a dystopia where society is in the midst of a collapse. Resources are extremely limited, famine and financial chaos plague the country, and crime is dominant.

A dangerous motorbike gang terrorise the region, killing a member of the last remaining law enforcement agencies – the Main Force Patrol. The killer is steered towards his death by Max Rockatansky (Gibson), one of the patrol’s officers who is on the brink of quitting the force.
The gang’s crimes continue and become more sinister, leading Max to turn vigilante in a hell-bent quest for revenge.

The film’s admirable editing, worldbuilding, and staging of the car stunts and crashes have led Mad Max to earn its status as a cult classic for the ages.

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Sun 4 Sep

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