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After wandering the punishing desert landscape in post-apocalyptic Australia, Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson) encounters Bartertown, a barbaric community built from the rubble of civilization that relies on gladiatorial conflict to settle disagreements.

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Summer of Cinema
George Miller

The dystopian Bartertown is ruled over by ‘Auntie Entity’, an unlikely but commanding performance from Tina Turner that eccentrically garnishes the film’s cult appeal. The violent defenders of the town’s energy resources (derived from pig faces), named ‘Master’(Angelo Rositto) and ‘Blaster’ (Paul Larsson) pose a threat to Entity’s leadership and so she turns to Max to enter the gladiatorial arena of the Thunderdome.

With desert exile, lethal duels, staggering action sequences and a town built from the debris of collapse, not to mention the primitive communities of roaming children and characters named ‘The Pig Killer’ and ‘Ironbar’, this madcap slice of cult action is a guaranteed blast of entertainment!

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Sat 10 Sep

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