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Three decades after the last instalment in the Mad Max franchise, George Miller stormed 2015 with the post-apocalyptic-action-blockbuster epic Mad Max: Fury Road.

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Summer of Cinema
George Miller
strong violence, threat

Tom Hardy portrays Max Rockatansky as he joins forces with Furiosa (Charlize Theron) who leads an escape from tyrannical leader Immortan Joe.

Accompanied by Joe’s five wives and psychotic worshipper, Nux (Nicholas Hoult), Max and Furosia navigate the War Rig (an armoured tanker truck) through the post-apocalyptic wasteland against a deadly chase with Joe and his followers.

Described as a “western on wheels”, Fury Road gained a reputation for being one of the greatest action films of all time, becoming a dominant force at the 88th Academy Awards.

With the highly anticipated prequel, Furiosa set for release in 2024, a revisit to the vibrant deserts and metallic battles in Fury Road is the perfect opportunity to refresh one’s memory or lead to a fascinating discovery.

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Thu 15 Sep

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