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Oh what a day... What a lovely day to experience the complete vision of George Miller's iconic apocalyptic Mad Max series, following antihero Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson & Tom Hardy) as he navigates the perilous, violent, barren wasteland of future Australia.

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Summer of Cinema
George Miller

The journey begins with the introduction of Max Rockatansky (Gibson), a law enforcement officer turned vigilante as he seeks revenge on a vicious motorcycle gang.

In his second chapter (subtitled ‘The Road Warrior’), Max leads a small town stand-off against fearsome bandits in one of the most impressive sequels in blockbuster history.

Max then enters an epic gladiatorial type experience with the commanding presence of Tina Turner in his third chapter, Mad Max Beyond The Thunderdome.

Finally, Max (now a fearsome Tom Hardy) joins the formidable Furiosa (Charlize Theron) as they lead an escape from a tyrannical cult in a deadly chase across the wasteland, in 2015’s awe-inspiring Mad Max: Fury Road.

Indulge in an essential cinematic experience, journeying into the apocalyptic, action-packed world of one of cinema’s most epic franchises, from the visionary mind of director George Miller.

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Mon 29 Aug

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