2hrs 9mins

Loosely based on Jack London’s novel of the same name, this Italian-French drama is dripping in the possibilities of romance and adventure.

Pietro Marcello

Martin Eden is a seafaring young man with a ferocious appetite for life, that can sometimes get him into hot water (pun intended). Through a chance meeting, he comes across the enchanting but unattainable Elena (Jessica Cressy) and immediately falls in love with her, but her bourgeois background means that Elena is unsuitable for the would-be writer.

Struggling with the complexities of love and literature, Martin desperately wants artistic success and ‘to turn [himself] into one of the eyes through which the world sees.’ Shot on stunning 16mm, transposed from London’s Oakland to Pietro Marcelli’s Naples, Martin Eden is an epic cinematic beauty, best enjoyed on the big screen.

“Gorgeous, intellectually rousing classical filmmaking.” – Justin Change, Los Angeles Times

“Luca Marinelli comes within hailing distance of the young Robert de Niro.”

“Spellbinding. One of the best films of the last decade.” – Sight & Sound”


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