1hr 38mins

Will Smith (I am Legend, The Pursuit of Happiness, Independence Day) and Tommy Lee Jones (No Country for Old Men, The Fugitive, Eyes of Laura Mars) team up to protect the Earth from extra-terrestrial invasions and one very angry giant cockroach in Barry Sonnenfeld’s inaugural instalment of the sci-fi comedy franchise.

This feature contains scenes of flashing images which may affect viewers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.
Unfortunately no Audio Description track is available for this feature.
Summer of Cinema
Barry Sonnenfeld
moderate bad language

NYPD officer James Darrell Edwards III (Smith), after apprehending an otherworldly perpetrator, is recruited by the Men In Black: a secret organization that monitors and polices alien refugees on Earth and keeps their presence hidden from humans.

When an alien crash-lands in upstate New York and puts Earth at the centre of an extra-terrestrial war, it falls to the newly-recruited Agent J and his grizzled mentor K (Lee Jones) to save the planet from destruction.

Released to worldwide critical and audience acclaim, this first outing for the iconic black-suited secret agents has remained a firm favourite since it hit screens 25 years ago.


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