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Michael Mann swaggers into the digital filmmaking age with this ice-cool blockbuster adaptation of the hit television series, as a police detective duo (Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx) go undercover to infiltrate a formidable drug trafficking ring.

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Michael Mannuary
Michael Mann
Contains strong language and violence
English, Spanish

This electrifying reimagining of the iconic eighties TV series (which was executive produced by Michael Mann) focuses on vice detectives James ‘Sonny’ Crockett (Colin Farrell) and Ricardo ‘Rico’ Tubbs (Jamie Foxx) as their respective personal and professional lives become dangerously intertwined. Undercover work to infiltrate a drug trafficking newtwork sends Sonny and Rico on a collision course with the deadly kingpin Arcángel de Jesús Montoya (Luis Tosar), as the fearless duo become deeply submerged in the dark criminal underbelly of Miami.

Boasting an invigoratingly kinetic visual style, thanks to its committed embracing of the dynamic possibilities of the digital aesthetic, this pulse-pounding series reboot has rightly been critically reappraised as one of the most stylish, effortlessly exciting pieces of action filmmaking in the new millenium.

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