1hr 30mins

Bassam Tariq's intimate, boldly unconventional, often surreal character study of recovery stars a powerhouse Riz Ahmed as a rapper forced to recalibrate his future after a life-altering diagnosis.

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Bassam Tariq

Ahmed is Zed, a rising star musician set to make his US debut on tour. Struck down by an autoimmune disease, his musical potential appears comprimised forever, with the looming shadow of rival musician RPG (Nabhaan Rizwan, The Last Letter to Your Lover) threatening to steal his promised glory.

With incredible, biting spoken word verse throughout (“I fought for my blood – now my blood is attacking me”), Mogul Mowgli is an exceptional showcase for Ahmed as a performer and talented co-writer, channeling his own lived experience as a British-Pakistanti performer.

Tackling identity with considerable nuance, the film is an artful meditation on tradition and culture, utilising surreal dream sequences to thoroughly spellbinding effect.


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