1hr 48mins

Jacqueline Lentzou's long-awaited debut feature is a poetically fragmented and emotional portrait of a daughter reconnecting with her ailing father in Greece.

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Jacqueline Lentzou
infrequent strong language
Contains Foreign Language Subtitles

Artemis (Sofia Kokkali) returns to Greece to care for her father, Paris (Lazaros Georgegakopoulos), following a sudden and debilitating decline in his health; an already strained relationship is exacerbated by the demands of care-support, dependency and the silence of years of estranged distance.

Angled, crisp cinematography is interspersed with the nostalgia of home videos while a meandering voiceover draws from the daughter’s diary; both father and daughter emerge as complex and idiosyncratic characters unhampered by trite sentimentalism or contrived resolutions.

Lentzou’s inquisitive film is threaded together with the mystic questioning of the Tarot, subtly underlining the strange realities of personal, familial knowledge (and its limitations) with a philosophical gesture towards chance, memory and modes of understanding that evade easy communication.

This is a mysterious, beautifully observed and original evocation of the connections (be they social, physical or mental) that are lost and found in the face of illness.

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