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A star-studded coming-of-age charmer from the inimitable Wes Anderson, Moonrise Kingdom follows scout Sam Shakusky, who flies coop in the pursuit of a burgeoning relationship with his love, Suzy.

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Summer of Cinema
Wes Anderson
Contains moderate sex references

In the summer of 1965, precocious young explorer Sam (Jared Gilman) runs away from camp Ivanhoe to a beach getaway with his love, Suzy (Kara Hayward) – the cove of ‘Moonrise Kingdom’. Embarking on their own independent adventure away from home, they’re quickly followed by an extensive search party, comprising Bruce Willis as Police Captain Sharp, a dedicated scout team (led by Edward Norton’s Scout Master Randy) and concerned guardians of the pair – including Frances McDormand and Bill Murray as Suzy’s parents, and a commanding Tilda Swinton representing Social Services for the orphaned Sam.

This irresistibly charming, sun-tinged nostalgic coming-of-age gem from Wes Anderson (which also drew inspiration from Truffaut’s The 400 Blows) boasts all of the director’s pleasingly idiosyncratic trademarks, from his regular company of stellar actors, to his inimitable visual precision, to his endearingly quirky host of characters.

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