1hr 50mins

A devout Catholic is forced to spend the night with an alluring divorcee after they are snowed in at Christmastime, in Eric Rohmer’s spritely, sexy classic…

This film screens as part of our magically festive Christmas programme.

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Christmas 2023
Eric Rohmer
Contains mild sex references and language
Contains Foreign Language Subtitles

Jean-Louis (Jean-Louis Trintignant), an engineer in his early thirties, is a devout Catholic. Living by a strict moral code, he immerses himself in mathematics and the philosophy of Blaise Pascal. Spotting the delicate, beautiful Françoise at Mass, he vows to make her his wife. But when Jean-Louis is snowed in at the apartment of a bold divorcée named Maud (Françoise Fabian), his rigid ethics are severely challenged.

The brilliantly accomplished centrepiece of Eric Rohmer’s Six Moral Tales series, My Night with Maud is a witty, subtle, alluring deconstruction of religious morals and modern sexual chemistry, carried by brilliant central performances by Trintignant and Fabian. One of Rohmer’s greatest films, and a playful, alternative Christmas classic.

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