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Jim Jarmusch's effortlessly cool travelogue tribute to Memphis, Tennessee collects an atmospheric trilogy of interconnected stories that explore Elvis’ profound legacy in the city.

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The Spirit of Elvis
Jim Jarmusch
Contains strong language and sex
English & Japanese
Contains Foreign Language Subtitles

A wondrous gathering of three intertwining vignettes, Mystery Train follows the romantic getaway of a young, Elvis-adoring Japanese couple (Masatoshi Nagase & Youki Kudoh), the transformative impact that life stranded in Memphis has on Italian widower Luisa (Nicoletta Braschi, Down by Law), and the spiralling misadventures of three men who commit a violent robbery downtown (including a scene-stealing turn from Steve Buscemi).

These stories are grounded by the setting of the Arcade Hotel as Mystery Train’s historical, evocative home, which also acts as the film’s ingenious framing device, with Screamin’ Jay Hawkins & Cinqué Lee making for a supremely entertaining double act as the night clerk and bell boy.

Inspired by the Elvis song of the same name, Mystery Train is the ultimate example of Jarmusch’s signature, inimitably atmospheric filmmaking style, his deadpan humour, and his untouchable sense of cool.

A masterful reflection on the ghosts of Memphis – both metaphorically and literally – interspersed with lasting moments of affecting serendipity, chance meetings, young love, and the eclectic charm of the inhabitants of Memphis, Jarmusch’s effortlessly stylish travelogue is a stirring tribute to Memphis, as well as the spirit and legacy of The King.

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Tue 12 Jul

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